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Happy Holidays from Hearing Innovations!

Happy Holidays from Hearing Innovations!

This year has been unique in so many ways for us all, and with the holiday season upon us, we want want to take this time to thank our patients and friends for working with us through this pandemic. You were patient and accommodating when we had to close for several...

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Patient Testimonials

“I am always impressed with the service I receive at Hearing Innovations. I have been a patient for over 40 years and never once thought of going elsewhere because of Dr. Hagberg, Dr. Branham and the staff’s superb commitment to providing great service in providing me with any hearing issues I need. I am a very satisfied patient. and will continue to be.”
- Jeff L.
“Visiting ‘Hearing Innovations’ is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life! I’m very pleased with my AGX9 hearing devices. It improved my hearing instantly. They are comfortable to wear and simple to use. The nice thing is I don’t have to make any adjustments because it does this automatically for me. I can clearly hear the microwave going off, television, telephone and even the voice of someone talking to me from behind. It is so nice to be able to enjoy conversation with my friends without missing details. Thank you, Dr. Branham!”
- Kyoko W.
“Thank you, Dr. Branham, for opening up my world! The AGX Technology is truly phenomenal! I never realized how much I was missing (or misunderstanding) in conversations, lectures, church, movies, etc. My confidence level is up and I am a much happier person. Also- a new fun level of life has opened up. I love hearing my cats crunching their food and lapping up their milk; telling my husband to “turn the tv volume down” and snapping at him that “I heard you the first time!” And- A good friend made me feel so good the other day when she told me my speech has improved. Again- thank you!”
-Dusty G.
“What a pleasant surprise the AGX Hearing System is. After hearing all the tales from people who had the older aids and hated them, the new ones are small and barely visible. After they’re set up, the don’t need to be constantly adjusted. Dr. Branham does a fine job explaining how they work.”
-Harold H.
“I would like to thank Hearing Innovations for improving my life! I recently purchased a set of hearing aids and am very pleased with the service and product that I received. The staff is very professional and always treats me with respect. I was very pleased with the time and explanation given to me about the care and use of the hearing aids. Occasionally I have a question or concern and all staff members are polite and work until I’m satisfied. Since I am wearing my new hearing aids, I am less stressed. My blood pressure has even dropped!! I highly recommend Hearing Innovations because they have provided me with the utmost care and service.”
-Agnes R.

Customer Reviews

“The doctors at Hearing Innovations are very educated in their profession and I was impressed to see that you are all ‘Board Certified.’ Now, I must let you know that I would be glad to tell anyone that may be considering hearing aids that my decision to get them was one of the best things I have done for myself. It is so nice to be able to hear in a crowd or hear what someone is saying to me when they are in the back seat of my car. It is also nice not to be embarrassed by always saying “what.” These are just a few of the many nice things that have come out of getting hearing aids. Thank you, Hearing Innovations!! If you ‘hear’ there is someone out there talking about you, just know that it is me letting everyone know just how WONDERFUL you are.”
- Joyce Fusco
“Phil and I have been very appreciative of the attention we have received from Dr. Branham and Dr. Durrant in our effort to improve our hearing. Because of their expertise in audiology, our ability to hear has definitely improved. They have been very understanding and helpful in this sensitive enterprise.”
- Marilyn and Phillip Chuey, Poland
“Dr. Branham always takes time with me. She explains things very well. She takes time even when I do not have a scheduled appointment time to accommodate my hearing concerns. She is always professional and pleasant. I like the idea of their summer social, too!”
“I am very satisfied with Hearing Innovations. My hearing is much improved and I appreciate your service.
- Dr. Tom Young, Kinsman
“I would like to share with you my most positive experiences with the doctors and staff of Hearing Innovations. I have been served by this wonderful group of caring, talented people for 15 years. Through sharing information to testing to suggesting approaches to tweaking to providing me with hearing aids that perfectly fit my lifestyle, they’ve been a true blessing to me. I recommend them to all my friends and I know that when you contact them you will receive the very best care possible.”
- Barb Dellesky
"I have been seeing the doctors at Hearing Innovations for my hearing aids for years. They have treated me the best. The quality of the hearing aids have always been the best. The service could not be better and I am treated like family. I can't say enough good about the whole staff."
- Dolores Kelly, Lowellville
"The doctors at Hearing Innovations are very professional and yet very friendly. They staff are always helpful. They are courteous and efficient. Appointments are set so I don't have to wait. I appreciate the reminder call I get before my appointment. My doctor showed me the options available for my hearing needs, explained the benefits of each type of hearing aid and helped with the decision. I appreciate their help and honesty."
- Janice Platt, Girard
"I have been wearing hearing aids since 1987. My new hearing aid and the doctors have opened up a whole new world to me. I can now hear and understand my wife. I no longer have any annoying feedback and the comfort of this hearing aid is so much better than any I have had previously. I urge anyone that is wearing older hearing aids to try this new technology and find a whole new world for yourself."
- Joseph Possert, Hubbard
"It is fantastic what you accomplished yesterday for me. It’s like hearing with newly advanced hearing aids. I have not heard like this since I purchased them elsewhere in 2006. Unbelievable! Thank you so much for this amazing service. The new sound increases my ability to hear and distinguish what others are saying so much better!
P.S. Your equipment is absolutely remarkable."
- Ruth Brill, Boardman
"After six months of wearing my new hearing aids I can say it is a life changing experience! Being self employed, I can now hear my employees and customers. Also as a hunter this past turkey season was fantastic, I can't believe all the sounds turkeys make that I had been missing."
- Jeff Zebrasky, Southern Radiator, Youngstown
"In 1985 my physician referred me to the doctors at Hearing Innovations and I have continued to see them for over 24 years. The doctors and staff make coming to the office a pleasant experience. I always receive prompt, courteous service and time is taken to answer questions. if there is a problem I don't have to wait to see the doctor. I highly recommend Hearing Innovations.”
- Dolores A Snyder, Ph.D., Boardman
"I have always trusted my patients to Dr. Hagberg at Hearing Innovations, now my wife and I trust ourselves to their care for our hearing needs."
- Dr. Joseph B. Masternick, D.O., Boardman
"I have been hard of hearing all my life. I have tried a lot of hearing aids from many places and have been unhappy with all of them until I found Hearing Innovations. They are the best!"
- Iva Baldi, Austintown
"I have been wearing hearing aids since 1984. My hearing loss is very severe and without them I could not communicate with many people. I am very glad that I found Hearing Innovations to fit me with my new hearing aids. They keep my hearing and hearings aids in tip top shape."
- Marlene Blank, Boardman
"Adding a second hearing aid has greatly improved my hearing and understanding of what people are saying."
- Richard Lane, Liberty
"I have been wearing hearing aids for years and without question the quality of service from Hearing Innovations has always been excellent."
- Darwin Emerson, Poland
"I have gotten great hearing by coming to Hearing Innovations. They make any adjustments that need to be done. My new hearing aids have increased my hearing and they feel great in my ears. Thank you for helping me to be able to function socially and at home with better hearing."
- Karen Holisky, Columbiana
"I have been a patient of Hearing Innovations since 1982 and have always received great care. I moved away from the area for a while and since returning I have found that the doctors at Hearing Innovations are still the best Audiologists I can really depend on."
- Jeffrey Landers, Poland
"My new hearing aids are like a miracle. I never thought I would ever hear this well again. I have worn many hearing aids in the past but these are the best and most comfortable. There is no feedback and I can just put the phone to my ear and talk. Thank you!"
- Virginia Balestrino, Hubbard
"I am a retired Hearing Aid Specialist and have known Dr. Hagberg for 30 years. He has always been an honest and knowledgeable practitioner. I now trust my hearing to Hearing Innovations."
- Al Mansour, Youngstown
"From the friendly atmosphere of the staff who greeted me when I first entered Hearing Innovations' office, to the doctor's professional, competent and thorough examination and treatment of my hearing loss, I highly recommend Hearing Innovations to anyone who is contemplating seeing an audiologist."
- Dr. William J. Lurie, D.O., Hubbard
"I have used other hearing aid providers before coming to Hearing Innovations and as a result I can state from experience that Hearing Innovations is the best!"
- Jim Miller, Liberty
"As a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist, my hearing is more important than ever and I trust my well-being to Hearing Innovations. The staff is incredibly helpful and supportive. In addition, they always remember me when I call. The Audiologist suggested hearing aids appropriate for my particular type of hearing loss. They have continued to provide me with care that is truly above and beyond my expectations!"
- Christina Douglas, M.A. CCC/SLP, Lake Milton
"With three strikes against me in hearing problems - heredity, working in noisy industrial environments, and having shot far too many high-powered rifles and pistols – the doctors at Hearing Innovations keep me functioning in business and my personal life with impeccable service. Without hearing aids life is very peaceful, but not very enjoyable."
- J.D. Jones, Bloomingdale, OH
"As a business owner my hearing is very important. The Audiologist fit me with my first hearing aids. I went to the Veteran's Administration for my second pair and there was no comparison. I quickly returned to Hearing Innovations and gladly paid for better hearing."
- Tim Mulhollen, Beaver Falls, PA.
"As a Speech-Language Pathologist, my hearing is extremely important. When I started asking clients, my wife and others to repeat what they had said, I knew it was time to have a hearing evaluation. I chose the best audiologists in the area, Hearing Innovations."
- William A. Brady, Ph.D. Speech-Language Pathologist

Google Reviews

“After a bad experience with another hearing aid company I was skeptical and cautious about spending the money. I asked for a months free trial which they agreed to. I received the hearing aids and it was a miracle what I could hear. After only one day I told them I don't need the other 29 days. No regrets! Best company to deal with! Very professional and kind!”
- Harold W, New Middletown
“Of course I was nervous walking in the front door, but the waiting-room receptionist was polite, calming and took time to explain what I was signing. Once in a treatment room, I was greeted with a firm hand shake and a warm smile from Dr, Durrant. I could tell fairly quickly Dr. Durrant cared about, not only my audiology, but how treating my audiology fits with my specific lifestyle, which included doing nothing further than establishing a base-line. I would recommend Dr Durrant to anyone who has interest/concerns of knowing more about any audiology issues confronting them.”
- Robert Johnson, Boardman
“Very friendly staff here. Nice waiting area.”
- Cara Bentley
“I've gone her for 30 plus years since I lost my hearing.”
- Jeanne Delmont, North Jackson
“I came to the office because I lack hearing in my right ear congenitally. The office was clean and orderly. Dr. Durrant explained each step of the process throughly, answered all my questions, explained my results and my needs and also told me what to expect. She was knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks so much!”
- Erika Milosevic, Barberton
“LOVE this place! Professional staff, friendly office, flexible appointments. Already refer my friends here.”
- Jerry W, Liberty
“Have been bringing my mom here for over 7 years now...they always work us in when having a problem. We are very pleased with the hearing aids and the service.”
- Marylee Frangos
“Excellent service with friendly personnel.”
- Jane Hagberg, Brookfield
“Excellent service!”
- Kim Welch

Facebook Reviews

“This office has always been so friendly and caring and willing to help you in any way they can. We’ve been coming here for over five years and have never had a complaint. Dr. Branham and her staff are excellent at what they do.”
- Marilyn Longley
“I am very pleased with Dr. Durrant and the staff! Friendly, professional, courteous and compassionate.”
- David Thomas
“I find the staff to be extremely helpful as well as friendly and knowledgeable. They have always been able to meet my needs in the 3 years I've had my hearing devices. I strongly recommend Hearing Innovations.”
- Carl McConnell
“This office is outstanding. The doctors are wonderful, caring, explain everything, answer any questions I have and stay connected with their patients. Their staff is the same, positive, informed, very welcoming and excellent communicators. I feel like I'm part of the "Hearing Innovations Family.”
- Barb Dellesky
“I LOVE this office! They were so kind to me and working me in at the last minute!! Thank you ever so much!”
- Bobbie Billet
“Great people!”
- Violet Miller-Gizdic